MAO and ME!

Before I just begin to tell you all the things to do to get ready for a pageant I should probably tell you a little about myself and how my journey began in the Miss America Organization. I competed in my first pageant at the age of thirteen and won my first title in 2009 at the age of 14,  Miss Sunrise Side Teen. Over the years I have continued to compete and have won another title of Miss Shoreline’s Outstanding Teen 2011 where both titles allowed me the opportunity to compete at Miss Michigan’s Outstanding Teen. At the age of 17 I moved up into the Miss division and as the youngest Miss competing I have walked away with many runners-up awards and hopefully one day will walk away with the crown.

As of what I do in competition, I play the flute for my talent and am currently performing Phantom of the Opera in a theatrical setting. It is my favorite talent to perform and has also won many talent awards. My platform is U R Not Alone Outreach for Today’s Youth which is a mentoring program for children and teens who are facing challenges in their lives. My platform is something that is very close to my heart and I love having the opportunity to speak out about it to the public. As for what I wear it changes all the time I love mixing and matching what swimsuit and what evening gown I wear for each competition.

I love and know this organization and I am excited to share everything I know as well as have the opportunity for you to get to know me more!


741 Austrian Rhinestones

741 Austrian rhinestones create the symbol of the Miss America Organization, the four pointed crown. Combined of many different shapes and sizes ,this crown symbolizes much more than the ordinary person would think.  You spend countless hours working on  talent, interview, swimsuit, and evening gown. There is much more that goes into these phases of competition than what people realize.  I plan to explore deeper into the Miss American Organization as I share my stories of being a contestant in this fantastic program as well as what it really means to be a Miss America girl!

Other related blogs are the Miss America blog itself of Fourpoints magazine and splash and sparkle. Both sights nail what the purpose of my blog is going to be about. How to prepare for a pageant as well as what a Miss America really does and what she is entitled to do  on a daily basis. Fourpoints Magazine blog does a great job keeping its watchers up to date on what our Miss America and Miss America Outstanding Teens are showcasing. Splash and Sparkle is a great way to receive resources and guidance to help you prepare for a pageant and achieve your full potential while preparing for competition. Check out the links I have provided for you!