741 Austrian Rhinestones

741 Austrian rhinestones create the symbol of the Miss America Organization, the four pointed crown. Combined of many different shapes and sizes ,this crown symbolizes much more than the ordinary person would think.  You spend countless hours working on  talent, interview, swimsuit, and evening gown. There is much more that goes into these phases of competition than what people realize.  I plan to explore deeper into the Miss American Organization as I share my stories of being a contestant in this fantastic program as well as what it really means to be a Miss America girl!

Other related blogs are the Miss America blog itself of Fourpoints magazine and splash and sparkle. Both sights nail what the purpose of my blog is going to be about. How to prepare for a pageant as well as what a Miss America really does and what she is entitled to do  on a daily basis. Fourpoints Magazine blog does a great job keeping its watchers up to date on what our Miss America and Miss America Outstanding Teens are showcasing. Splash and Sparkle is a great way to receive resources and guidance to help you prepare for a pageant and achieve your full potential while preparing for competition. Check out the links I have provided for you!




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