It’s Time To Get Real About The Swimsuit!

Okay ladies we all know that if you want to compete in the Miss America Organization you have to wear a swimsuit on stage and it is not always the most comfortable phase of competition for young ladies. So here are a few tips to make it as easy as possible.

Make sure you put the time in to become physically fit. You do not have to be a size 0 to fit in with all the girls but make sure you  take the time to tone your body. Run a few miles don’t worry about the time or pace just go and set a goal for yourself. Work on other things as well, 100 crunches a day can do a lot for your body. In the end, you will feel better about yourself.

Picking out a swimsuit you feel comfortable in is a must! If you feel like a million dollars in your suit it will show on stage. Your swimsuit does not have to be the most expensive suit either, it’s what you feel best in and look good in. You are judged on your confidence not how much your swimsuit cost.

Lastly, butt glue. This is KEY in competing in swimsuit and you would be shocked at how many women do not use this. Butt glue is used to make sure your cheeks don’t make any surprise appearances. Nobody wants that! Knowing everything is locked into place will make you feel much more confident and you won’t have that awkward moment of having to debate whether to pick that wedgie or not.

Hope these were helpful in making swimsuit less scary and more fun!


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