Your Talent Is All About You!

Next up on my list is the talent competition. This is by far my favorite phase of competition because I am able to perform a passion of mine for hundreds of people. When choosing a talent it should always be something you enjoy and something that you want to share with others. A talent can be anything singing, dancing, a musical instrument, speech, art, or anything you could possibly think of. It is a blank canvas do whatever you want. Of course Miss America has some rules so make sure you get your talent cleared. As for tips on talent these are what I consider:

When choosing a talent keep in mind that it should be something that shows your personality and what you are all about. That is what the judges want to see!

Make sure put enough time and practice into your talent. Do not expect it to be perfect if you just whip something together a few weeks before. Practice is an important factor in your talent putting an hour everyday into rehearsing can be that small percentage of winning the talent award or even the crown.

Costumes are so much fun to come up with after chosing a talent. It is away to really tell the story and to have fun with it. When performing my talent Phantom of the Opera I wear a half black half white gown that resembles the story of the phantom. Costumes allow you to really be in character and enhance your talents excitement.

In the end talent is really up to you and how you want it to be portrayed for the audience and most importantly the judges. Have fun with it! If you have any further questions feel free to comment!


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