U R Not Alone: Outreach for Today’s Youth

U R Not Alone: Outreach for Today’s Youth is my personal platform in the Miss America Organization. A platform is an organization or foundation that you as a contestant want to spread awareness about. It can be Breast Cancer Awareness, Child Hunger, Red Cross or anything else you can think of. It can also be something that you create. My platform is one that I created to help children who need help with everyday life. Whether they just need a friend or someone to help them with homework. We are here to help. My platform is very close to my heart and I cannot imagine doing anything else, I love all the moments I share and here is an example:

As Miss Shoreline’s Outstanding Teen I was attending an event at an intercity school in Muskegon, MI. I had the opportunity to go around to each of the classrooms and spend time helping out reading books and just getting the opportunity to sit with the children. I met one young girl who came up to me and began to just touch my skin, feel my hair and touch my crown. She told me that one day she wanted to be just like me, get good grades, go to college and one day wear a crown on her head.

As a titleholder of the Miss America Organization you inspire and are a role model to so many young women. That is what this organization is about!


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