Miss Sunrise Side 2012

On November 11 I was given the opportunity of a lifetime when I myself was crowned Miss Sunrise Side 2012! Overcome with joy and happiness I knew I was about to experience another amazing journey. Representing my hometown as well as promoting my platform all around the area. I will also be representing the Sunrise Side at the 2013 Miss Michigan pageant in June! So here is where the preparing starts. What swimsuit do I wear and what talent do I chose choices choices, but I know with my background I will make the correct choice.

The Miss Sunrise Side Program also has a Miss Sunrise Side Teen as well as a Princess and they are considered my little sisters. They are two amazing young ladies that I am already so proud to call my sisters. Both are hardworking ladies who want to make a difference and be a part of their community. We will have many adventures over our year as we will participate in local parades, events, and fundraisers. Both myself and Miss Sunrise Side Teen will also be promoting awareness about our platforms and getting the community and children involved in the organizations that mean so much to us. We will be setting up meetings in schools to talk to children about the importance of an education and also to young women about how the Miss America Organization can change your life!


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