The Power of the Crown!

The Miss America crown has more power than anyone would think. When you see someone walking around with a crown on their head you immediately notice that person because it is not something you see everyday. You want to hear why she has a crown on her head and what she has to say. The crown is a tool to promoting and spreading awareness about so many organizations that have touched our hearts and lives. The honor and the knowledge that is instilled by this organization is so powerful and amazing. The impact it has on so many people’s lives is life changing. Here are a few examples:

The Miss America organization is the number one leading scholarship provider for young women. Promoting education more and more women are going to college to continue on to earn a degree.

The Miss America organization has raised over thousands of dollars for The Children’s Miracle Network our national platform. As well as this our title holders are active in the hospitals spending time with the children as well as making life long friendships. We all have our special friends and they are even participants with us in local events.

Lastly the Miss America Organization opens up so many doors for title holders after they are finished competing. With the larger background in interviewing skills as well as talent you will find that many former title holders now hold jobs in talent industries, broadcasting or other dream jobs as well.


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